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About Kate Crassweller

I am  a seasoned design leader with 15 years experience in the fashion industry in NYC, having honed my craft with over a decade of experience at Calvin Klein, most recently under the creative direction of Raf Simons.

I am looking for opportunities to work with brands in either a consulting or full-time capacity. I"m most passionate about using my skills and experience to help move a brand forward- whether it is a younger brand looking to grow, or a more established brand looking to move their vision into the future. 


I have expertise in denim and I approach casual-lifestyle product with an elevated and modern sensibility. My experience has also encompassed the design of refined product and tailoring, making me a well rounded designer and creative leader that is able to effectively flex in many directions.

I believe all good design stems from the same process of combining curiosity, problem solving and an intuition for what feels ahead of the curve.

I also believe in the power of collaboration, and have successfully lead teams of designers with a hands-on approach that values what each person brings to the table, ultimately creating a stronger end product. Similarly, I believe that the union of art + commerce within fashion are important, and have worked closely with Merchandizing, Sales and Product Development partners to realize covetable product that women want.

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My latest projects


In Aug 2016, Raf Simons joined Calvin Klein as Creative Director, and re-set the trajectory and outlook for the brand in his new vision: youthful, powerful, and above all American. I worked with Peter Mulier and Luella Bartley for 2 seasons as they re-defined what Calvin Klein Jeans meant. We simplified, amplified, elevated and re-energized the product with classic cuts, branding and washes that feel more modern than ever.


I have had the opportunity to do CONCEPT work for some growing brands in the elevated Denim lifestyle segment, as well as the fashion-active field. I have put together seasonal trend & direction, color, fabric and styling proposals. I've been able to use my experience to filter current and future trends through the DNA of each brand and offer tools that feel appropriate and useful for each client. 

As well as women's apparel, I have provided research and design for mens active, shoes & bags, lingerie and jewelry.

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